Free learning assistance. The programme includes individual learning assistance for children and adolescents with learning difficulties, focusing on providing personal assistance, encouragement and support in overcoming everyday problems.

The World Without Borders (Brezmejni svet) programme. Its main purpose is promoting social and cultural integration of immigrant children and adolescents into the local community as well as helping them learn Slovenian.

Nataša Usar

02 300 68 50, 041 481 246

Primary school for adults; Maribor Intergenerational Learning Centre, Project Learning for Young Adults (PUM), Information and Counseling (ISIO), Self-Learning Centre (SSU), Initial Immigrant Integration (ZIP).

02 234 11 11, 02234 11 33

Integration assistance for persons with international protection during the first three years after having obtained their status. The programme comprises managing life situations (searching for housing, arranging doctors’ appointments, informing about the system and legislation, e.g. helping fill out official forms, escorting to social services, the employment office, etc.), learning assistance (school-aged children three times a week, others by agreement, the emphasis being on Slovenian and literacy courses) and integration activities (individual psychosocial support, group activities, such as workshops, sports activities, events for children, attending events). We work with individuals and families, and children and adults alike.

Renata Daljevec

031 773 227

Organised health and social holidays for children.

02 234 40 06

Empowering children and adolescents for life, giving parents and educators expert support.

02 234 97 00

A locally connected network of volunteer organisations. Currently, there are 71 organisations involved, some are dealing specifically with immigrants, and others are not.

Nataša Usar

041 481 246

The CPM helps young people gain new experience, find new opportunities, get a better insight into their lives, make new connections and dream their dreams. Our activities are also aimed at children who like to play and socialise, adults having questions about their own or other children, as well as young people and adults wanting to participate in experiential training.

02 331 83 06

The programme provides all children and adolescents with learning assistance, teaching them learning techniques, giving them psychosocial support (individual and group work), a common area for quality free time – social games, socializing, parties (including birthday parties), creative and music workshops, help in solving interpersonal conflicts, help in strengthening relationships with parents, day care (whenever parents have obligations, such as job interviews, counselling sessions, etc.), parental care assistance, access to a computer, internet, information and counselling centre…

Simona Martinšek

051 304-015

Workshops within the SIMS project.

Marjan Holc

041 742 261

Workshops within the SIMS project.

Darja Barber

02/235 21 06

Workshops within the SIMS project.

Doroteja Žibert

05 908 02 86

Informal socialising, info point, self-help groups, workshops and lectures for all vulnerable groups, education and training for volunteers, health promotion workshops, creative workshops, ICT classes, tutoring for primary and secondary school students, leisure activities aimed at socialising, sports and social networking, intergenerational camps, active socialising with representatives of different associations, music workshops, activities presenting Slovenian culture, food, habits, customs and language, activities presenting foreign cultures, food, habits, customs and language, travel talks, free legal assistance, active day care, active socialising.

031 659 734

Slovenska Bistrica


Debate and play dates, sensory workshops, overcoming fear of animals, etc.

Mojca Pešak

041 291 225

Slovenian club, self-learning centre, computer programs, volunteers, etc.

Brigita Kruder

02 843 07 31

Lectures, poetry readings, exhibitions, fairy tale readings, creative workshops, book rental, etc.

Patricija Breznik

02 805 51 03

Activities, membership, etc.

Lučka Goričan

031 635 541

Prevention programmes (learning assistance – not due to an immigrant status but based on other criteria). We are currently working on expanding our programme.

Ana Flis

02 805 07 71

Initial integration of immigrants (for immigrant mothers) – Slovenska Bistrica Second Primary School

Mojca Harc Novak

02 234 11 11

Slovenian language courses for mothers

Judita Kamenšek, Marko Kovač

02 805 14 20

Providing immigrants with food, clothing and useful information based on a referral from the social services

Marija Bračič

02 805 01 60

Socialising and creative workshops for women (until May 2018). After the project is finished, other activities will take place.

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