The preventive social security programme for children and youth includes the following:

  • psychosocial support,
  • preventive educational activities,
  • help with schoolwork,
  • leisure activities.
Dnevni center za otroke in mladostnike Koper, Kolarska ulica 10, 6000 Koper

05 663 45 90

 051 389 608

The programme for children and youth includes the following:

  • info point,
  • counselling,
  • learning assistance,
  • leisure activities.

More information is provided in the leaflet (Slovenian only):

 Mladinski EPI center Piran, Ul. IX. Korpusa 44a, 6330 Piran

05 996 70 63 (EPI Piran)

041 719 133 (EPI Piran)

 Mladinski EPI center Piran, enota Lucija, Fazanska 1, 6320 Portorož

05 671 03 99 (EPI Lucija)

An NGO aimed at social development carrying out projects and activities promoting openness to diversity and intercultural dialogue as well as respect for and protection of human rights.

PiNA, Gregorčičeva 6, 6000 Koper

 Mirna Buić

05 630 03 20

031 256 191


  • establishing citizenship at first instance
  • processing citizenship applications after naturalisation; updating citizenship status


  • issuing temporary residence permits to third-country nationals
  • issuing temporary residence permits to family members of an EU or a Slovenian citizen
  • issuing residence certificates for EU citizens
  • issuing residence permits to citizens of the Swiss Confederation
  • issuing permanent residence permits to third-country nationals
  • issuing permanent residence permits to EU or Slovenian citizens
  • rejecting residence permit applications of EU citizens or EU citizens’ family members or Slovenian citizens
  • terminating permanent residence permits of EU (EEA) citizens
  • terminating temporary or permanent residence permits of third-country nationals with a waiver or for other reasons
  • annulling temporary residence permits of third-country nationals
  • annulling permanent residence permits of third-country nationals
  • monetary compensation for damage caused by the ‘Erasure’
Upravna enota Koper, Trg Brolo 4, 6000 Koper

 Anita Starc, vodja Referata za osebna stanja in migracije

05 663 76 00 ali 05 663 76 18

05 663 76 21

Clinic for people without health insurance – opening hours: Tuesdays 2–5 p.m.

ZD Koper Dellavallejeva ulica 3, 6000 Koper

prim. Stanislav Mahne

05 66 47 212 (Slovenian only)

The non-profit private institution provides the following:

  • legal assistance and support, primarily for vulnerable groups (family, labour, executive and social security law),
  • family and personal counselling,
  • other preventive activities (e.g. human trafficking awareness)
Pravni center za varstvo človekovih pravic, Ulica ob velikih vratih 6, 6000 Koper

031 772 737

This regional centre is a meeting place for people from the municipalities of Koper, Izola, Piran and Ankaran. Its primary objectives are the following:

  • integration of various vulnerable groups,
  • education,
  • intercultural and intergenerational cooperation.
 Večgeneracijski center Morje,  Koper, Cesta Zore Perello-Godina 3, 6000 Koper

Helena Videtič, Head of the Centre

040 772 030


The education, counselling and information centre for adults provides the following:

  • courses of Slovenian as a second language,
  • basic-level Slovenian certificate,
  • personal and career development programmes,
  • free career counselling,
  • informal education.
Cankarjeva ulica 33, 6000 Koper

Ksenja Koradin Lojk, Information Office

040 469 316

05 612 80 00 (Slovenian only)

The Association carries out cultural, artistic and educational activities, preserving the folk tradition of the Serbian and other Balkan nations living on the Slovenian coast.

The Association mainly focuses on reproducing and presenting rich cultural heritage through folk music and dance.

We also hold creative workshops for children and youth (language courses, Cyrillic script, and culture).

 Jurčičeva ulica 2, 6000 Koper, (Semedela Community Hall)

Vesna Bajić Stojiljković, President

040 669 259 or or

 Nada Cupkovic,  in charge of children’s workshops and language courses or

The Association was established to provide socialising over activities such as folk dancing and singing, and to attend cultural events presenting their culture.

Spodnje Škofije 071, 6281 Škofije

 Belkisa Vuković, President

 Dijana Harčević Ćatić, in charge of workshops

070 700 154

Istra is a Croatian cultural and artistic, educational and sports association in Piran.

  • We have a male vocal group (Klapa Bevanda) and a folk dance group.
  • We also organise various cultural events, e.g. the celebration of both the Slovenian and the Croatian Flag Day, festival of Croatian folk dance and music, festival of Istrian dances and songs, exhibition of Croatian folk costumes, etc.

The Association also has its own tennis and football departments, and holds the traditional Friendly Tournament between diplomats and parliament representatives of Slovenia and Croatia.

The Association strives towards preserving and sharing Croatian cultural heritage as well as the heritage of other nations living in Slovenian Istria. In particular, we promote active cooperation with local authorities, public institutions and their representatives in both Slovenia and Croatia in the fields of education, culture and sport. Istra Croatian Cultural Association is one of the largest and most representative Croatian associations in Slovenia promoting culture, education and preservation of Croatian cultural identity in Slovenian Istria, and advocating for the official recognition of the Croatian national community as a minority.

Župančičeva ulica 14, 6330 Piran

 Joso Begić, President

070 997 457

 Mirna Buić, Governing Board Member

031 256 191 (Slovenian only)

 Zlatičeva ulica 3, 6000 Koper

 Gordana Boshnachki

070 497 759

The Association has the following departments:

  • literary,
  • music,
  • theatre,
  • sports,
  • informative.
 Istrska cesta 41, 6000 Koper

 Heset Ahmeti, President

041 648 076 (Slovenian and Albanian only)

The Association has the following departments:

  • literary,
  • music,
  • theatre,
  • sports,
  • informative.
Ljubljanska ulica 49, 6310 Izola

Italian self-governing community of Izola (cultural programmes, Italian courses, workshops for children)

Santorio Santorio Koper Italian Community Association (music festivals)

Giuseppe Tartini Piran Italian Community Association

 Marko Gregorič, President

 Agnese Babič, in charge of the cultural programme