Kranj, Cerklje, Šenčur, Škofja Loka

  • Slovenia, my new country. Free workshops for immigrants aged 16 or over who want to integrate in Slovenia quickly and effectively.
  • Interculturalism in Kranj. We organise interactive workshops aimed at acquiring new skills, sharing experiences, learning about Slovenian and other folklores, discovering world’s cuisines, being creative and, above all, spending time in a fun and rewarding way.
  • I talk back in Slovenian. This is a course for all children aged between 5 and 10 who are not native Slovenian speakers. Join our creative workshops.
  • I understand and speak Slovenian. This is a course for all children aged between 11 and 15 who are not native Slovenian speakers. Join our creative workshops.
Medgeneracijski center Kranj, Cesta talcev 7, 4000 Kranj

08 205 84 57

041 724 134 (programme, monthly brochures for individual locations)

Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents

Tatjana Strniša


Slovenian language courses for adults

 Tanja Cekič

Slovenian language courses for mothers. Learning assistance and help with language learning. Leisure activities. Holiday activities.

 Polona Ovsenar

Financing activities aimed at immigrant integration

 Brane Šimenc

04 237 31 65

Weekly ‘Let’s Meet the Slovenian Language’ workshops for non-native Slovenian speakers. We also hold other events for immigrants.

 Gregorčičeva ulica 1, 4000 Kranj

Maja Vunšek (event calendar)

MULTICULTI BLOK – respect and acceptance of different ethnic groups, refugees and migrants

Once a month, we carry out interactive educational activities on migration, refugees, intercultural dialogue, awareness-raising and combating hate speech. The Multiculti Blok is made up of workshops that involve personally talking and socialising with refugees, education on historical and political circumstances causing refugees, education on human rights, asylum procedures, staying in an asylum centre, learning about foreign cultures, languages, writing systems and cuisines.


We regularly conduct free workshops on reading, creative writing and storytelling, which help acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes that are the basis for reading and writing, fostering critical thinking, revising for school, giving additional explanations, exercises aimed at understanding and creating texts, exploring Slovenian, learning Slovenian as a second language for young immigrants, acquiring functional and critical literacy.

 Mladinski dnevni center BLOK, Frankovo naselje 68, 4220 Škofja Loka

Nejc Novak, MDC Blok Coordinator

040 326 165



In addition to activities provided under the law, the Social Services Centre has a Migrant Women Group aimed at supporting the unemployable and making a personalised plan for each individual. We teach them soft skills.

There are also volunteers translating and working with Albanians. Until 2017, the Centre had an employee under the Public Works state-funded programme for promoting employment. She helped communicate with Albanians. Practically all (pre)schools took the opportunity to work with her, and they were very pleased. Unfortunately, the contract expired, and she now works on a purely voluntary basis.

Direktorica Anita Bregar, univ.dipl.soc.delavka

 04 583 46 01

The People’s University offers the following: acquiring professional education, general education, university for seniors, language school, computer courses and participating in various projects. We also organise Slovenian courses for immigrants.

mag. Maja Radinovič Hajdič

04 583 38 01

Educational, social and humanitarian activities: socialising, various group activities (e.g. crafts workshops, sporting events, cultural events, etc.), professional education, seminars, workshops, projects, topical and experiential discussions, various events (reuse, raw food diet and spirituality workshops, learning how to use smartphones, workshops for children, talking with a priest, self-exams for cancers, making decorative pumpkins, free courses and tutoring, travel talks). We promote volunteering, social entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, quality leisure time, development of soft skills, reducing social exclusion, reducing discrimination against vulnerable groups. The Association also organises sponsorship for children from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Palestine, provides learning assistance to children with a migrant background, collects funds for a complete reconstruction of homes of many unfortunate people as part of the My Home (Moj dom) project.

Faila Pašić Bišić, direktorica

031 569 340

We organise New Year’s celebrations, as well as 8 March and 2 August (Ilinden) festivities. We have a folk dance group and organise culinary events. We provide humanitarian aid if necessary.

Minko Vancho, Representative

051 239 139

The Association is divided into the following departments:

  • reciting,
  • theatre,
  • singing,
  • music,
  • fine arts,
  • chess,
  • literature and puppetry,
  • the Association’s own accordion orchestra, and
  • three folk dancing groups, a five-a-side football team, and a chess team.

The primary target group is young Bosniaks. Membership is voluntary, the majority (almost 85 percent) of members is made up of young people aged between 5 and 25. Older members mostly take part in chess, theatre and singing departments, as well as serve on various bodies of the Association.

Our motto is: NO TO ASSIMILATION, YES TO INTEGRATION into Slovenian society. The Association has the following main objectives:

  • organising cultural events and art nights presenting Slovenian and Bosniak cultural heritage,
  • holding contemporary cultural and artistic events and folk art exhibitions,
  • striving for professionalism within the Association,
  • encouraging members to do further training,
  • fostering members’ creativity,
  • providing a common platform for culture creators and recreators,
  • cooperating with related associations in Slovenia and abroad,
  • connecting with Slovenian cultural associations.
Dizdarević Muhamed, Representative

040 422 077

Jesenice Youth Centre gives young people the opportunity to connect, fosters their creativity, and provides them with basic conditions to develop and act on their ideas and interests.

We implement the following activities:

  • daily leisure activities for young people and periodic guided activities for primary school students with the purpose of spending quality leisure time and socialising,
  • organising holiday events for children and young people at various locations to give them the opportunity for active and creative holidays,
  • collecting and providing information and counselling on topics interesting to young people,
  • organising programmes preventing addiction and harmful behaviours,
  • providing informal education for young people, fostering their innovation and cultural creativity,
  • promoting and facilitating active involvement of young people in our programme, thereby fostering active citizenship and volunteering spirit,
  • promoting and supporting youth initiatives and facilitating the acquisition of skills and competences related to youth work,
  • encouraging and supporting the participation of young people in democratic processes,
  • promoting and facilitating young people’s mobility and inclusion into international programmes,
  • cooperating with local youth organisations, possible expert support and coordination of projects in the common interest,
  • providing space along with technical, expert and other support to individuals, informal groups of young people, and youth organisations in their youth work initiatives within our technical, personnel and financial capacities,
  • cooperating with education institutions, associations, clubs, other organisations and individuals in the field of youth work, providing organisational and technical support and coordinating joint projects,
  • cooperating with national youth organisations,
  • encouraging and establishing contacts with related organisations abroad, in particular in Slovenian minority areas,
  • monitoring and analysing young people’s interests and needs, making and implementing annual implementation plans, collecting data for public calls,
  • informing the local community and the general public about our programme and activities as well as about current local and national developments in youth work, and ensuring adequate media coverage of activities,
  • submitting initiatives and proposals to the founder for improving lives of youths.

In addition, we also inform and counsel young people, various informative and preventive activities, events for children and their parents, educational activities for parents, conferences, round tables, etc.

Head of Jesenice office Lili Tkalec

04 588 46 80

The Association was established to connect people, and it is divided into several departments. The most popular one is folk dance, which is divided into three groups, and is followed by the singing, sports, literary and humanitarian departments. Each year, the members of the Association organise events and present their activities. The Zavičajno veče event presents customs, songs and dances of Serbs in Bosnia. The Association also organises Vuk Karadžić Days and Vidovdan celebrations. We also take part in projects together with other organisations and local communities.

Milan Stojanović, president of the Association

040 652 484